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SIRPA Conference

Feedback from our Chronic Pain
Conferences in 2015 and 2017

Our inaugural SIRPA conference in 2015 resulted in a re-evaluation in the approach to self-management of chronic pain in Ireland

Testimonial from Dr Martin Johnson, Vice-President of the British Pain Society, Royal College of General Practitioner’s Lead for Chronic Pain & Co-chair of the Chronic Pain Policy Coalition, said: “I will freely admit, having dealt with chronic pain for over 25 years, that I was very sceptical about Georgie’s work. Attending the SIRPA conference completely changed my mind! Without exaggeration the conference was one of the most interesting and enjoyable meetings I have been to for years. Here was something different that made sense of many of the anomalies that I have witnessed in pain medicine for years. The speaker presentations were of the highest quality, presenting high grade evidence and rationale scientific explanations for ACE theories. I will be very happy to support SIRPA in the future and look forward to the next conference.”

John Lindsay, Chair of Chronic Pain Ireland, said: “My congratulations on a great event. In the past seven years I have attended many events on Chronic Pain throughout Europe. I can honestly say that your event and one I attended in Brussels last November were the best I ever attended. I never lost interest throughout both meetings. I was really impressed by your speakers and as a result of attending the event I am going to re-evaluate our approach to Self Management of Chronic Pain.’

The speakers, who were all leading experts in their respective disciplines, in coming together demonstrated how similar their approaches are in the field of psychophysiological conditions, most specifically chronic pain. Using personal and professional examples with passion and humility, the speakers captivated and engaged the conference delegates, who mainly comprised of medical doctors, physiotherapists and psychotherapists from the UK and mainland Europe.

SIRPA conference 2015 – Adam Al-Kashi, Georgie Oldfield & Marian Nicholson

SIRPA conference 2015 – SIRPA Executive Board

SIRPA conference 2015 – speakers & Christina Sarno Horner

SIRPA conference 2015 – Georgie Oldfield & US speakers

Howard Schubiner MD, David Hanscom MD, Georgie Oldfield MCSP & Dave Clarke MD

Q&A with some of the speakers

Speakers and VIP guests

Howard Schubiner MD, David Hanscom MD, Angela Cooper DClinPsy, R.Psych, Georgie Oldfield MCSP, Dave Clarke MD, Donna Jackson Nakazawa, Matt Kinal MCSP, Sally I’Anson, Christos Christophy DPsych

Marian Nicholson of Pain UK & Pain Alliance Europe, said “The approach to curing pain that I learnt about at SIRPA’s Chronic Pain inaugural conference was inspirational. The NHS would save a fortune and peoples’ lives would be improved if the Recovery Programme were to be prescribed to everyone who is told by their doctor “We can’t find anything wrong with you.” There is plenty of scientific evidence that this approach is sensible, and I hope that the programme gets taken up so more people can benefit.”

Dr Anthony Davies, Chronic Pain Consultant at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust – “Thoroughly enjoyed the conference. The faculty included enthusiastic professionals from a wide spectrum of specialities, with psychiatrists and spinal surgeons sharing the same platform and narrative with psychotherapists, physical therapists and gastroenterologists. The focus was on psychophysiological disorders. This provided a well-argued framework for considering potential therapeutic recovery from chronic pain rather than restricting the approach to suppression or acceptance of pain.”

David Hanscom MD, Complex Spinal Surgeon from Seattle, US – ‘The quality of the speakers and subject material was excellent. I do not think I have been to a conference that has held my attention at this level for the entire day. There was a great mix of new ideas, as well as compelling stories. I felt that the whole room was very energized. It was also great to have Dr Sarno’s daughter, Christina, there. She was great and clearly added a whole additional dimension to the day. I am not sure that she had realized how deeply her father had helped so many people. I have been clear for a long time that although his concepts are evolving with the new neuroscience research he was a brilliant pioneer and the day reinforced my commitment to further his concepts as well as to honor what he has accomplished.’

Further feedback from our chronic pain conference included:

‘The SIRPA Conference at the Royal Society of Medicine was ground breaking – exceptional speakers , great referencing of research, case-based histories re. pain cure that were phenomenal and heartwarming. Patient-centered, great ‘archaeology’ to ascertain root cause of pain and methods of clearing. Brilliant ! Please let us know if this is happening again next year. People: book now!!! It was that inspiring!’ Louise Carmi

“The SIRPA Conference of October 2017 brought the world’s leading experts on symptoms linked to stress, repressed emotion and adverse childhood experience into one room for an entire day. The synergy among the speakers was extraordinary and provided a wealth of practical insights so clearly explained that even people without professional training could take full advantage to benefit themselves and their loved ones. I’m already looking forward to SIRPA’s next event.” Dr D. Clarke

‘Can I just offer my personal congratulations for such an impressive and successful inaugural conference. I was very privileged and very moved to be able to participate.’ Damon Peterson

‘I just wanted to congratulate you on organising such a wonderful conference. It was absolutely brilliant on all counts!’ Dr Nick Straiton

‘This conference is so wonderful it made me cry.’ Anon

‘I would like to thank you for the amazing conference that you put together!! It was a wonderful day and lots to take in and learn. I look forward to reading all the books and hopefully join you sometime on the SIRPA practitioner course. The speakers were all amazing, it was just a fantastic day, I am still high on endorphin’s since yesterday.’ Betti Simon

‘Great day yesterday at the SIRPA conference. The best conference I’ve been to. Dynamic, knowledgeable and engaging speakers. The key point for me was the importance of the therapeutic relationship’ Diane Slater

‘What an amazing day. Thank you. I am so pleased that I came and that I had the opportunity to hear all those wonderful speakers. It was brilliant and I am very much looking forward to reading the books and checking out new resources’ Liz Rigby

‘A great conference, very inspiring and a fantastic range of speakers. Thank you Georgie and the SIRPA team.’ Kath Piper

‘It was great. Georgie you should be very proud. Read through my notes on the way home on the train. So much to follow up, read but will take time to have some fun!’ Dr Lynne Thompson

‘An amazing day. Never seen anything like it!’ Adam Al-Kashi PhD

‘By far the most inspiring and exciting conference I have ever attended…thank you all so much and congratulations Georgie!’ Claire Doherty

‘It was a brilliant day, what a buzz!’ Cat Henderson

“Fascinating day with an extremely high calibre of speakers. Huge learning professionally and personally.”
Lynn Crescens Smith, Trainee in Psychodynamic Counselling (2017)

“”Wow!!!….. what an amazing day. A massive congratulations to you, the speakers and your team. ALL the speakers were fantastic and I learned SO much, not only about the effects of chronic stress/pain on my patients but also how it has influenced me!!”
Yvonne Frampton, Physiotherapist Denmead (2017)

“I’ve rarely been at a conference where every one of the speakers held my attention so totally throughout their presentation.  I learned a lot and am definitely inspired to learn more.”
Carolyn Norgate, Attendee (2017)

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