banner16Our first SIRPA conference resulted in a re-evaluation in the approach to self-management of chronic pain

A national charity decided to re-evaluate its approach to self-management of chronic pain following the hugely successful SIRPA chronic pain conference, which was held on the 26th April 2015 at the Royal Society of Medicine, in London.

SIRPA chronic pain conference

SIRPA Conference 2015 – Q & A

The conference, titled: ‘Chronic Pain: to suppress, manage or cure?’ was organised by SIRPA – The Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners Association, to present findings and challenge long held beliefs about the cause and treatment methods of chronic and persistent pain.

John Lindsay, Chair of Chronic Pain Ireland, said: “My congratulations on a great event. In the past seven years I have attended many events on Chronic Pain throughout Europe. I can honestly say that your event and one I attended in Brussels last November were the best I ever attended. I never lost interest throughout both meetings.  I was really impressed by your speakers and as a result of attending the event I am going to re-evaluate our approach to Self Management of Chronic Pain.’

Marian Nicholson of Pain UK & Pain Alliance Europe “The approach to curing pain that I learnt about at SIRPA’s Chronic Pain inaugural conference was inspirational. The NHS would save a fortune and peoples’ lives would be improved if the Recovery Programme were to be prescribed to everyone who is told by their doctor “We can’t find anything wrong with you.” There is plenty of scientific evidence that this approach is sensible, and I hope that the programme gets taken up so more people can benefit.”